Nigerian Copyright Operatives Raid Enugu & Ebonyi States

In continuance of the Nigerian Copyright Commission’s committing to curbing piracy in Nigeria, a raid was conducted recently in Enugu and Ebonyi States, which led to the apprehension of several pirates, with the resultant confiscation of their instruments.

At a briefing recently, the Director General of the Commission, Mr. Afam Ezekude stated “we have a regulatory and enforcement mandate to conduct anti-piracy operations across Nigeria”. He further explained that “allowing piracy to thrive directly affects the economy of a country, as it deprives several people in the value chain, the right to earn the appropriate income for their services.”
The two-day anti-piracy operation involved the destruction of cable wires and books used by the pirates in the illegal DStv distribution of content and signals.
The operation took the copyright inspectors to Asata, Uwani, Achara Layout, Agbani Road, all in the Enugu metropolis.

In Ebonyi State, the areas covered were Oraifite Street, Water Works Road and its environs. The copyright inspectors were given security cover by a team of Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) for the Enugu operation, while fifteen (15) Mobile Policemen provided security for the Ebonyi operation.
The two operations were headed by Macfoy Akachukwu alongside other copyright inspectors. The equipment seized consisted of several decoders, smart cards, remote controls as well as other accompanying devices.
The market value of the seized equipment from both operations came up to a total ofN23.5m.
Mr. Afam Ezekude, the Director General of the NCC, urges all Nigerians and other relevant stakeholders to continue to support the Commission in its renewed commitment in the fight against piracy and its attendant challenges.

Zonal Manager
Enugu Office.

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