Music Review: Ice Prince/ “That Could Be Us” & “In The Morning”

“That Could Be Us” is an okay effort. Legendury Beatz aren’t going to disappoint us anytime soon, at least not in this present run of theirs. They create a super beat that lays the groundwork for the artsy Ice Prince to get on and deliver the goods. The intro is groovy and the song has a catchy hook. Playful lyrics as expected from the Chocolate Prince get us relaxed and nodding.


Ice Prince TCBU


In less capable hands, “That Could Be Us” would leave a weaker impression, but Ice Prince – and all his cheery singing – finds a way to make the song his, maybe something in the mould of a hit. For now though we wouldn’t know, but he has found a way to lengthen our short attention spans so we watch. He talks about a love interest of his on this, apparently there are certain things he thinks of her and he deems the music a right enough medium to spew. Spot on.


In all, those who have obsessed over recent Ice Prince hits like “Can I Talk” & “N Word” will find some solace in his not leaving them idle for too long, but overall, the Choc City hit man doesn’t sound too inspired here.




On the Drey Beatz-produced “InThe Morning”, Ice brings on the somewhat unpopular Terry G to help wrap up the 4 minutes offering. The rapper has made many a great song about his humble beginning, his relentless pursuits till he got the cheese and things; and “In The Morning” is a worthy addition to that oeuvre.


Ice Prince ITM


On MI’s “F*ck You” – originally an innuendo cum diss song of sorts – Ice still finds a way to remind us of same subject matter. “Now I keep ma eyes on the paper like I was born reading”, he raps; in an appearance that takes the cake right in front of his host. On “Somebody Want To Die”, he says how much he used to be broke but now has gotten into the house and ‘cleaning out’ like a nanny. On his not-too-recent joint with AK, he wastes no time reminding us of how much he’s become a made man. Same consistence across the board, which makes it all the more relatable when on this new joint he goes: “I been about my business like a real nigga should/ if you been hating on the boy since 2010, ma nigga what’s good? I promise I’d be good to the death of me/ …pull up in your city looking fresh in a whip….”


Cool beats, hit potentials and more, except that Ice’s team failed to tweak Terry’s part some more as expected. But still, it’s an okay effort after all said.





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