#DareMeQuestions: Do you know singer, Yemi Alade farts in presence of her boyfriend?

Since inception #DareMeQuestions has a mission, to bring pure entertainment and a form of inspiration to every hearts.

Recently, the online entertainment platform which asks and dares Celebrities, Icons and great individuals to daring questions, had Singer, Yemi alade who just released her album titled “King Of queens”.

In this particular interview, the “Johnny” Singer gave very bold confessions.
Read her #DareMeQuestions twitter interview below.

– #DareMeQuestions @Yemialadee In three words, tell us, how your day is going to turn out *sips coke*

Yemi Alade – I Am Hungry

#DareMeQuestions 1. So let’s begin.. @Yemialadee tell us one thing you hate about yourself?

Yemi Alade – Nna I love myself gan

#DareMeQuestions 2. @Yemialadee If you were in a relationship, can you fart in presence of your boyfriend?

Yemi Alade – Ah! Poor boy! I freestyle at will

#DareMeQuestions 3. @Yemialadee If you had one opportunity to chat with Beyonce! What would it be about?

Yemi Alade – I’ll challenge her to a vocal contest.

#DareMeQuestions 4. @Yemialadee Between David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth – who would you go on a date with? Who would you give a French kiss?

Yemi Alade – *****

#DareMeQuestions 5. @Yemialadee if you were a make-up tool, which would it be?

Yemi Alade – Lipstick but since you said tool; a lip stick brush.

#DareMeQuestions 6 @Yemialadee Can you walk from Ikeja to the Island naked, If you were offered $1,000,000?

Yemi Alade – Ikeja to Island?! I would have turned to mad woman by then na! It’s too far joh

#DareMeQuestions 7. (omitted)

#DareMeQuestions 8. @Yemialadee Today is international Women’s Day- Mention three women who inspire you?

Yemi Alade –My mum, My Grandma and Great Grandma

#DareMeQuestions 9 @Yemialadee Amongst your songs which would you do a remix?

Yemi Alade –I love them all! I’ll remix “Ghen Ghen Love!

#DareMeQuestions10 @Yemialadee We hear, it’s “life imprisonment” for anyone who rapes a woman – is this enough justice for rape victims?

Yemi Alade – Yes!

And you can guess the rest; twitter went wild during this interview.

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This interview was conducted by host of #DareMeQuestions: @BossRicky01

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