Review: DJ Spinall’s “OLUWA” Featuring MI is A Must-Listen.




Spinall is a great man because this new release with MI Abaga ensures he has succeeded in scoring two hits back to back. Two hits! Quite the impressive form from a DJ, I should add. ‘OLUWA’ mirrors the struggles both men went past in their quests for greatness, and it is a deep and meaningful narrative. I know this is too early but if things go on this way, Spinall is probably going to be the greatest guy to spin the discs and give music a shot both in one career. Jimmy is a legend, no debates or discussions. But Spinall… the fire, the grind, the push, the meteoric entrance into A-list; dude is just on some purposeful hustle. It’ll be wrong not to say this.


The production is pristine and to-the point, great bass and kicks structure the MI verses so much the song almost feels like a Timberland production. E Kelly deserves some ovation for this one, because the entire production has an engaging rhythm and flow that hold our attentions like mouse on a gum trap. ‘OLUWA’ continues from where ‘Gba Gbe E’ stopped, but I worry if Spinall is armed enough to maintain this great height in songs to come. He has set the bar so high any song less a hit at this point will be absurd. We pray he doesn’t wane. The chorus is slow and heavy and sung with some of the most sanguine words possible. To say the least, this one is a hit! Put your money on that.


MI paints the song with some glossy wordplay and braggadocio. It’s a warm feeling when he goes: “Look at ma story the way that I came up from nothin’ to this/ Before me and Spinall were rockin’ the party and droppin’ these hits/ …Off the Okadas then into a Honda I moved to Gbagada/ No matter the way that they holdin’ me down I rise like Ofada (a local rice variant).


The chorus transmits fine flowing vibes, and in the end what we have is the precious ‘OLUWA’. The song is cheery, positive, proper made and an amazing partnership. The indigenous lines in the chorus are rich, vivid and original, making this radio-ready as heck; and perhaps one of the best efforts to have hit our sound systems all September.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)



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