Review: Davido feat. DJ Arafat/ ‘Naughty’

Davido Arafat 2


Davido creates another party song in ‘Naughty’ but it isn’t quite the song it should be, which is what gives this a few mixed reactions. First off, the beat of this is massive and does well to answer the needs of the Davido-Arafat recording, which is to get the people dancing.


Again, the song merits some praise for the positives which include its tendencies to unite people from varying backgrounds, considering its English-French connections. And this is cool. But afterwards, there really isn’t much to blow our minds on the music, and this is a bit puzzling.


This is a good one, but doesn’t serve to position David in the level of his previous hit singles, neither is it anything close to his other international collaboration – ‘Tchelete’ – with Mafikizolo. This isn’t a great development. ‘Naughty’ is making us see David in same light as Wiz Kid because he busies himself with a similar set of overworked lyrics, which hover around him ‘wanting her body’. It is surprising what his music is becoming. This is same subject he went on about in the other hit collaboration with Lil Kesh and Olamide in which he went ‘If you get taste for body, the kind wey go make you dey shoki bla bla bla…’ Uninviting at this point, if you ask me. We understand his need to dumb down and appeal to the frenzied, dancing youths. But a few tweaking here and there won’t do any damage. The instrumental on ‘Naughty’ is proper good, as well as original, but the contents take a nosedive in major areas with David talking about ‘copy and paste, bend it like Beckham’ and all what not.


‘Naughty’ is okay but could have been better. And if you believe the hype of David’s past offerings, you could find yourself mildly disappointed listening to this. In most parts, both Artistes harmonize nicely but Arafat comes across as a Lil Jon ‘sound alike’. His helter-skelter, French rendition coats the song with slightly too much cacophony than I prefer. But this takes away nothing from the fact that this will spin through turn-tables at major gigs, given the usual HKN push.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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