Listen, I don’t really know who Neza is but this song is great. Scratch that, ‘Your Baby’ is a class recording, a sweet hit and everything else in between. Before you think of this as overrated, pause for a bit and treat yourself to the pleasant ‘Your Baby’. It’s a well made one.


I like the sound of her voice and her coordination with the instrumentals, quite a ‘beauty to behold’. The song is an affectionate plea to a lover whom she obviously thinks highly of. Her approach to this tells us exactly how much she is smitten. “I’ll go to the end of the world, to see what we have/ What God put together can’t no man tear apart”; she sings to welcoming ears, so that when the drums roll and she sings the succeeding lines, we are sure that this will find its way into our playlists. And it does.


Neza shines through the Nyasha production, like lacquer finishing on wood, waxing pleasantly as the song thrills. What brilliant fusion with the traditional beats! It is a great effort, and though the prospects of it headlining across the nation might seem a bit remote, I don’t think it is impossible for it to shake things given the right push. ‘Your Baby’ is a cool song, but could have been better. In time, I hope Neza can find her balance some more so that she goes on to create songs that harmonize her talents with the Industry pulse in Nigeria. This should be fun to see, and hear.


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Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)

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