Top 5 Inspiring Stories From @HumansOfNy This Week

This week’s focus is on the people living in Iraq and Jordan.

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  • “We were engaged for six months, but her parents made her marry a richer man.”
    “What’s the last thing you said to her?”
    “I told her: ‘I’ve done all that I can do. I wish you happiness in your life.'”
    (Petra, Jordan)



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  • “I’m living a good life. I’m a business owner. A lot of hotels say, ‘Come shine shoes for us. We will pay you better.’ I tell them: ‘Why would I do that? I am free.’” (Shaqlawa, Iraq)



  • “When I got accepted into the Master’s program at the University of Damascus, it felt like the whole world was in my hands. For the last three weeks before the exam, I studied for 20 hours every day. My eyes got so tired and swollen that I could not see the letters anymore. So when I heard that I passed, I felt that nothing was impossible. All my friends and family were surrounding me and kissing me.”
    “How did you celebrate?”
    “Well, we were poor. So I bought a Pepsi to share with my friends.”
    (Erbil, Iraq)


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  • “We live in a very conservative culture, but I want my children to be open minded. I try to bring them to as many places as possible: big malls, art galleries, concerts. We want them to see as many types of people as possible, and as many types of ideas as possible.” (Erbil, Iraq)

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  • “I worry about the day they start to want things that I can’t afford.” (Shaqlawa, Iraq)



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Text and Photo credit: Humans of NY  ( Facebook page )


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