Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress LIV Disses Beyonce And Jay z On “Sorry ‘Ms Carter'”

LIV, a lady who claims to be Jay z’s mistress who has been profiled in Life & Style magazine, just released “Sorry ‘Ms Carter,’” a diss song for both Jay Z and Beyonce. Rapping over the instrumental to OutKast’s 2000 single “Ms. Jackson,” LIV says she and Jay Z never had sex, but that they had an intimate relationship.

“Fuck fucking to the top, me and Jay never screwed,” LIV raps on the track. “We connected on some Hip Hop shit / He could be hiself wit me and he dig that shit / Us two attracted like some magnets / And us crossing paths was no accident / When I stepped out his life, I took a piece of his heart / I know he still close his eyes and see me in the dark / I bet he wish I just stayed and played my part / Imagining what could have been with no regard.”

She took part of f Jay Z’s 2001 single “Girls, Girls, Girls” lyrics in order to say that the rapper was surprised by her stance. “I had a past,” LIV raps on the song.

“I ain’t falling to his feet / He ain’t expect that / Jigga-man, I don’t care if you rap / You got a R-E-S-P-E-C-T that.”

She made use of material from the coupe to announce herself as a problem to them and to question why Beyonce would want to be with Jay Z.

“I ain’t just another shorty you put the naughty on / You got 99 problems, I ain’t trying to be one / You got a good girl, why she messing with a bad guy? / Ha. Fuck you doing with a rap-guy / Down to ride ’til the very end / He never kiss you, never hold your hand / He’s a pimp by blood, not relation / I’m ringing the alarm, cause I over stand / Girls can’t run the world fighting over men / All my single ladies better keep in mind / When them tables turn, you’re going to be the wifey.”


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