Don Jazzy Hires An Airport Employee He Made To Lose His Job

Don Jazzy has always proven that he has a heart of gold, if he is not giving people money, he is busy employing people.

Sometime ago, he was at the airport and there was this airport cart operator who was doing his work when the Don arrived at the airport.

It was one of those days when he felt like doing something unique in the public and he had asked the cart operator to let him drive.

The cart is usually used to move physically challenged passengers at the airport and out of bound to non staff. Only authorized person were allowed to operate the electric cart at the airport. Don Jazzy reportedly requested to ride on the cart, and the apparently excited Delta Airline staff did not decline the multiple award-winning music producer, who enjoyed a smooth ride and even went ahead to post about it on the internet.
This resulted in the management of the airline to sack the worker.
He (the sacked worker) has however been employed by Don Jazzy into his Mavin Records

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