Attention! M.I is on the Search for the Hottest Rapper in the East.

One year after discovering talented young rapper XBUSTA at Star Music Trek Owerri, Africa’s number 1 rapper, M.I, will light up The Trek stage again in Orlu on April 26th as he gets set to crown the hottest rappers in the East.

 The rapper only recently initiated an exciting online competition- #StarMusicBeatCompetition- to search for the most enterprising rappers in the East with sensational prizes up for grabs.

 “It’s really important to me as a person not just a rapper to do this: Nigeria has enormous talent, we all agree on that, it’s our responsibility to create and promote platforms to identify and nurture it. I guess the right time and circumstances just came together in creating this competition especially knowing that my entire career has been testimony of the strength of other people’s faith in me.”

 “I’ll be crowning the winners of the  #StarMusicBeatCompetition on April 26th at the fifth stage of Star Music Trek in Orlu, Imo State. I’m really excited and  looking forward to seeing what the East- home to some of the greatest talents in Africa- has to offer.

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