Diddy Tops Forbes’ list of hip hop’s wealthiest artists

Forbes magazine just released the list of 5 wealthiest hip-hop artists of 2014 so far,featuring the 5 heavyweights of hip-hop who amass ridiculous sums from the art and other ventures.

No.1 Puff Daddy


Puff Daddy has been balling ‘outta control’ ever since becoming the Ciroc boy, and with the recent Revolt TV launched, he is sitting his Sean John tailored pants wearing behind on the spot of numero uno as the wealthiest hip-hop artist. has these ventures as the bulk of his income sources, with music holding down a small percentage,as Bad Boy records is not exactly making chart topping,Grammy winning music. He’s worth $700M

No.2 DrDre


He owns 65% market share of Beat by Dre headphones. Beats by Dre is about to hit value rates of about $2Billion with asset management firm Carlyle group’s partnership. His Net Worth is $550M

No.3 JayZ


Jay Z holds the 3rd spot down on Forbes’ list, with $520 million to his name. Hov’s new ventures from the past year are where the bulk of his cash is coming from, ventures such as Roc Nation Sports.

No. 4 Birdman


Birdman is at No.4 with $160 million net worth. According to Forbes’ Baby’s fortune would almost be at $300 million if he didn’t share it with his brother Slim.

No.5 50cent


Finally, 50 Cent at No. 5 with $140 million. Number 5 on the Forbes 2014 hip-hop cash king is none other than a.k.a Ferrari, he has regularly claimed a spot on wealthiest rappers list since 2007 when he cashed out from his Vitamin water deal. Ever since, 50 has delved into other ventures such as condoms, cologne and deodorants.Lately,his SMS Audio headphones and SK Energy drink seem to be keeping the ”Guap” rolling in, earning him a spot beneath just 4 other hip-hop moguls.

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