DONflexx Dance routine to Shot 4 me by Drake with Extigate Team

Its 2014 and one of our favorite hiphop dance icon remains consistent in reality with what he does Best. DONflexx, still the Chief Choreographer of the famous African’s Hottest twins PSQUARE is back with an amazing highly and lovely recommended piece/routine that one will find interesting.




Together with his team(Extigate-team) and Zero-filmz, DONflexx prepares ahead of “The Dance Movie Project” #TDMP which the shoot is most likely to commence this summer with all the Final casts chosen at the just conclude audition of TDMP organised by LexxIsTalking Production crew. So with no further due, Click at the link below to enjoy  a Drake’s Cover “SHOT 4 ME” dance routine by @Donflexx @Dmainmaxxsylva and @Sugabrizzy (Extigate-Team)




Watch here




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