Good News| Harry Song ‘Tribute To Mandela’ Gets Over 2 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

Harrysong don make am..

A free memorial single, released in honour of late anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela has been named the most downloaded callertunes in one single day.

The cut, titled ‘Tribute to Mandela’ and released by Nigerian singer-songwriter HarrySong, amassed a record 2 Million downloads in one single day.

‘Tribute to Mandela’ was released on Wednesday December 11, just six days after the South African freedom fighter who spent 27 years in jail before emerging to become the country’s first black president passed on at 95.

HarrySong’s single is one of the dozens of tribute songs released in the aftermath of Mandela’s passing. Harrysong’s tribute is being offered for free for now. Dozens of Nigerian musicians will gather on Wednesday for a massive tribute concert in honour of the late freedom hero.

According to official figures released today, Harrysong’s single, available solely on MTN (which has over 56 million subscribers and is Nigeria’s dominant telecoms player) has recorded over 2million callertunes download so far. And pundits say the rising singer’s cut has ‘smashed all records’.

‘Mandela, we love you and we wish not to let you go’, Harry sings on the now popular song.
Congrats Harry!!!!

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