“Scandal” Reduced To 18 Episodes Because Kerry Washington Can No Longer Hide Her Pregnancy!

Gladiators are being shorted 4 episodes of “Scandal” this season.  And it’s not because ABC won’t order the full 22 episodes.  According to reports, it’s Kerry Washington who is the cause of the shortened season.

Kerry’s character Olivia Pope is not pregnant, and it seems creator Shonda Rhimes has no intent of sending the story in that direction.  So reports state Kerry is running out of ways to conceal a pregnancy the world already knows about.  Deadline reports:

The network has reduced the order for the hot Shonda Rhimes drama from 22 to 18 episodes. The network wouldn’t give a reason for the cutback but, of course, it is not because ABC doesn’t want a full season of Scandal — it would gladly take 40 episodes a season from its new flagship drama series if it could. But Scandal star Kerry Washington is pregnant, and it’s getting hard to hide the pregnancy in loose-fitting clothes for the normally super stylish and elegant Olivia Pope — and it’s hard to reduce Washington’s workload as Pope is the show and in most scenes.

Really though?  The secrecy level has now reached a breaking point when you start cutting us out of our damn episodes Kerry!



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