Introducing Bamboo D700 Tablet With Analog TV and FM Radio

Debonair Devices Limited, a Nigerian-based mobile phone solution provider, launched the Bamboo D700 tablet, the first tablet computer built  for emerging markets.


The CEO of the company, Mr. Adebola Omololu, said Bamboo D700 was the product of a long-term research based on demand access to content, access to the Internet, communication tools, and practical solutions to problems.



Many of the tablets currently selling in Nigeria and other emerging markets were developed and targeted at western markets and lean towards the needs of western and established markets with prices ranging from $400 to over $5,000.


The Bamboo D700 tablet is selling in Nigeria for N39,950.


Some of the features of the tablet are;



The Bamboo D700 tablet computer is the first tablet computer built specifically for emerging markets and for women too.



The Bamboo D700 is available for purchase on www.bamboo.com.ng with free delivery anywhere in Nigeria.  Visit the website to buy now.


Call 07012842937 or email service@bamboo.com.ng. It is also available in all Airtel stores Nationwide. You can also experience the Bamboo D700 in all SLOT stores across Nigeria.





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