Settle It The O.B.O Way – A Random Review On Davido By A British Fan

Yup!!! I got you guys on this. Am actually Nigerian not British but you wouldn’t blame me for wanting to be British with all the ills and unfortunate situations in the country. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE NIGERIANS AND I REALLY DO BELIEVE IN NIGERIA (Only if the older generations would give us the younger generation more opportunities)


Well this writeup is not about Nigeria, so don’t let me digress away from my thoughts now (I wander quite a lot while in thinking mode). This article is focused on DAVIDO, the billionaire’s son!


Davido is one young dude I so much have respect for (NOT LOVE) ever since he came into the Nigeria Music Industry. One of the strongest reason is attributed to the fact that am an ardent youth advocate and so believe the future is here and ought to be controlled by youths.


Davido has so portrayed my stand about youths even though he had it all rosy with the influence of his Dad’s wealth (Well it is his Dad’s money), within a space of two years he has spontaneously risen to the class of artistes we termed “A-LIST” defying all odds of obstacles faced by regular upcoming artistes.


His influence has become so infectious that you can’t but love him, even if not for his music (Though I doubt if anyone dislike any of his songs) but for the stunts he pull every now and then.


Yes he has had his fair share of scandals, but unlike other celebrities scandals, his was a  publicity stunt created for media hype. Havent you guys thought there ought to be a Davido sex-tape if those ladies picture of them posing with him werent staged (He was obviously showing off his tattoos)


An inspiring feature of him is how he has successfully and creatively created a positive career for himself, his brother and cousins. In a borrowed statement of a featured writer in Tush Magazine on HKN GANG “Honestly I feel intrigued on how a group of young persons headed by David Adeleke himself have been able to creatively influence a whole lots of youth and create so much buzz within  a year of introduction, maybe he got his entrepreneurship skills from his Dad”


Davido is also the only artiste that has successfully patronised all major video directors in Nigeria [Back Then/Dami Duro/Gbon Gbon – Clarence Peters, Feel Alright – Aje Films, All Of You/Skelewu unofficial video – Sesan, One of A Kind – Godfather, Skelewu Instructional dance – Jassy Generation]


Another of his amazing feature is how he has maturely and successfully settled issues surrounding his career amicably and instantly moving on with his career. Few instances include the Password/Gobe issue, events that included his name on performing list without booking him officially, his quick and intelligent responses to questions asked during an interview session on Rubbin Minds.


Unlike many celebrities who seek refuge in making so much noise on suing someone despite all the breachs and mis-spoken words against him, Davido has never made noises about going to court by threatening or frightening colleagues.


His approach to the leaked video of Skelewu further butress his philosophy, he settled it the O.B.O way by immediately scheduling another video shoot with another video director.


I have since concluded that in any situation i find myself, i would attend to it the O.B.O way, i also advice you do too cause its actually working just as it worked in my intro!




By Anslem Jon

Editor, Tush Magazine.


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