Ode To Lips By @SaintVinny

O lips,

the greasy lotion that line thee;

that shines thee forth,

may it never hit foot against a stone.

O lips,

pathway to mouth,

thy breed must be royalty,

for only a good man has a good scent.

Cute lips,

thy pattern is elegant,

man shall know no worry in thy bosom,

significant are thy trench.

If I throw a step to leave,

I am drawn back.

If I make a move to hold thee,

you slip away, curly.

O lips,

splendid are thy aura,

I see myself in thy face.

Thou must be a mirror unbiased.

You sparkle, great lips.

You endear, even the stubborn.

You are greatness,

in a nest of magic.

You were that beauty in Eden,

you were what Adam saw smiled.

You are the cool wind which calms the day.

#Dedicated to Ibejiaku Chinonyelum, a lady with such lips that make Angelina Jolie look like a learner.

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