Open Letter To COZA’S Pastor Bidoun Fatoyinbo

Still on the matter, here is an open letter to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo



It is with a very sad and heavy heart I write you this letter. I have observed quietly this fracas that has erupted and has soiled your name. I must admit, Sir, that I’m a big fan of yours; I so much enjoy every of your ministrations. Though I’ve never attended any branch of COZA, I regularly follow your teachings online through tweets from the COZA handle @COZANigeria.

Sir, so many people have condemned you and passed judgment; others have questioned the annointing and call of God on your life. My question to them is whether they were there when you received God’s call.

So many do not understand that there’s a special     grace that is on the lives of Christian Ministers. King David in the Bible was a notorious rake, a consistent sinner; yet he was still so much loved by God. So many of them feel they understand how things work. But they do not. I have come to realize that there’s a special grace Ministers have, so when they flop, its best to leave them to God. I know so many intelligent men would disagree with this line of thought, but I’ve also learnt that God works in mysterious ways, and we can’t question his actions…and also we can’t use the intelligence of this earth to understand the things of the Spirit.

My Pastor, I totally understand how you feel. This period must really be a trying one for you. I am also a Christian Minister, and I can fully comprehend the gravity of this issue. I know so many people have attacked you on this issue. They fail to understand that being a Pastor doesn’t make you less human. We fail to understand that being a Pastor or Man of God doesn’t mean that one is above sexual urges.

I once prayed a very funny prayer. I asked God to stop creating beautiful ladies. I wanted more ugly females around, as this would help reduce my attraction to them. If only they can realize that Pastors have more sexual temptations than any other person…if only they can realize that Ministers are more exposed to very pretty ladies, who are sometimes ready to do anything with the Man of God. Even the Bible says that seven virgins will run after a Man…talk less of a fire branded Man of God.

If you still doubt me on the issue of ladies’ attraction to Men of God, let me take you on a journey to the days of Jesus Christ. We can remember the story of the woman who poured an expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus and used her hair to clean it. Do we just think that the whole process was so holy, maybe Jesus was even speaking in tongues as she carried on…imagine a very pretty lady using her hair to clean your feet. One thing we must note is that Jesus was in human form as at that time and had a woman adoring him in that way; I’ll leave the rest of the story to your imagination.

My Pastor, I don’t want this to bring your spirit man down, most times people think our Pastors are very perfect creatures, whose lives are without sin and temptation. They expect them to live above sin, forgetting that they are still made of flesh and blood and can fall at any time..except for the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’m not in support of Pastors living reckless lives, but before we crucify Pastor Biodun, I want us to know that no one, and I repeat, no one is above sexual fall. As I tell my friends in church, konji is not a respecter of annointing. We live by grace and not by strength or spiritual achievement. Sex does not respect speaking in tongues, it has a power of its own.

Lest we forget, the race is not for the swift nor for the strong, but for those who God shows mercy.

Now, Pastor Biodun…we need to hear something re-assuring from you. We don’t need you to tell us that you never had anything to do with that girl…if its not true. We want the whole truth from you..sir. We want you to come clean…and with a promise to try preventing it from happening.
In a country as corrupt as ours, where people we respect lie and do evil and feel good about it, it would do your image a whole lot of good to come out and come clean. So many of us will respect you the more.

Sir, you see the beauty of God’s mercy is that it is abundant for us. The bible says that we should come boldly to the throne of grace and obtain mercy. Sir, I’m sure you can remember the first fall of Man. Adam and Eve truly disappointed God, it was so painful that the people He so much loved, created with His hands, gave every good thing to could repay Him with such sin…but what most of us christians don’t see there is that even after the fall, God CLOTHED them. He made clothes from the skins of an animal and covered their shame.

Sir, you might be disgraced, but never forget that God will cover your nakedness and set your feet on high.

God bless you..Sir.



Akan Imoh is a Journalist/Socio-Political Observer. This piece was divinely inspired and written in a bid to encourage Christian Ministers experiencing such situations.
He is @Ovasabii on twitter



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