Twitter Hashtag And Music Promo In Nigeria

So I was bored and I decided to log on to my twitter, Over the months, have been seeing so many questioner handles all over my timeline known for trending hash tags smart if you ask me but majority of these questioner handles are known for asking random questions about topics like social lives, sex and so on that will easily catch the attentions of tweeps .Before I continue, I will briefly explain what an hash tag is and what it is used for.


A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #.its  a form of metadata tag. Short message on micro blogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Tout, Tumblr, Instagram, Goggle+ or face book maybe tagged by putting ‘’#’’ before important words ,as in #Wikipedia is an #encyclopedia  that anyone can edit.



Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hash tag  and get the set of messages that contain it.



What hashtags are used for: Hashtags are mostly used as unmoderated adhoc discussion forums; any combination of characters led by a hash symbol is a hashtag,and any hashtag,if promoted by enough individuals, can ‘’trend ‘and attract more individual users to discussion using the hash tag . On twitter, when hashtags becomes extremely popular, it will appear in the’ ‘Trending Topics’’ area of a users homepage.



Now I believe we all have an idea of what the hashtag is,and its function on social media like twitter. Twitter users would agree with me that hashtags are used most of the time for fun and to get a form of trend.


These days, musicians  have now taken  the idea of using hastags to promote their materials. its a brilliant idea since social media can be use to promote and boost business.



The reason why I decided to write this article is to let the musicians know they have got to be smart and wise and not let anyone in the name of online promoter play on your intelligence..most online promoters are scam, Majority are known for asking random questions about topics like sex, These kind of hashtags and the questions that follow are meant for fun alone, so its kind of annoying when an artist who wants to trend a song on twitter, pays a so called online promoter to trend his/her songs.
Let s assume am an artiste and I just dropped this new track titled “light up”.i want to trend on twitter so that more people can hear my song and stuff’s so i pay an online promoter, he/she creates a hashtag and calls it #light up. The promoter starts to ask random questions, with the hashtag #light up, ending each question. The promoter wants to trend the hashtag by all means, so he/she ask very silly and most times dumb questions,so the questions go round ,people answer; more people answer and so on and so forth, Till the hashtag #light up trends on twitter. The promoter tells me my song is trending, I check the stuff and I see the hashtag #light up trending.



Okay fine the hash tag #light up trend on twitter but really I shouldn’t be happy.



The title of my song #light up trends on twitter fine, but did the song itself trend? Did the link to download trend? Did more people get to hear the song?




My intentions were to get my song to trend, and get more people to hear my song, reason why I paid a promoter. Now only the song title trend in form of a hash tag trended, my song didn’t trend. Any random person who checks his/her trend and sees #light up as the No1 trending topic in lagos, gets curious to know what the hash tags is about, clicks on it to view tweets about it, what does he/she see? Random questions that has nothing to do with your song. Is that what you paid for?
Did you pay for people to have fun on twitter or for your music to trend?
This is common with upcoming Nigerian music artiste; I get the fact that you are thirsty for recognition but you have got to be smart and wise. don’t let anybody play on your intelligence.
If you want to make use of twitter to promote your song, Always tweet your music links from time to time. yeah you want to tweet random stuffs, but if music is your calling, you have got to take it serious

  • Tweet your song links @people that matter, you never know who will listen
  • Search tweets about your song titles, and retweet them
  • Always remember its not about trending, its about trending your music.


Written By Damilola Okekide



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