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The difference between legendary artistes and the ordinary ones is not just the ability to make hits once in a while, but it’s about consistently dishing out soar away hits. This is not an easy feat to achieve, nonetheless it’s possible.



After his ‘graduation’ from the Project Fame Academy and graduating with honours, the Kukere singer initially found it challenging to win the mainstream market and become a pop artiste. With the tweaking and adjusting of his sound he birthed the twin singles “Your waist and Kukere” which became his claim to fame .
Inyanya’s randy new single:”Head Swell” is a ragga toned track that tells the story of his sexual prowess and strength. The chic (persona) in the song misses him and sends him a text message telling him she feels butterflies whenever she kisses him, therefore this according to him :”Make my head swell, So I have to knock you well”. Thematically,” Head Swell” is a reflection of the sexually explicit lyrics Nigerian artistes sing about, which is fast becoming a trend amongst them. The words in the 1st verse of the song goes something like these:

“Omo shay you pass eighteenAre you you ready for the sex thingGirl you know am the best thingAre you ready for the next thing”

Inyanya’s vocals in this track is syrupy and lyrics cheesy. The ragga flavor he adopts in the song didn’t work as it’s like a fish out of its comfort zone-water.

The lyrics is far from being poetic but direct and straight to the point. The challenge I have with Iyanya is that his songs are becoming predictable (same of the same) with the same ‘Inyanyaish’ theme (coming from the love department), the same arrangement, and his voice texture sounding monotonous.Contemporary Nigerian music hardly thrives on good lyrics and subject matter, its strength lies in danceable beats and captivating instrumentals with catchy hooks to seal the deal. Nigerian pop stars hardly think of making ever green songs , everybody focuses on making commercially viable music which is not bad, but emphasis should also be placed on the content of their music.

For an artiste of Inyanya’s status and caliber, the production of “Head Swell” is too elementary There are no high sounding melodious notes and catchy bass-lines that will take one to the dance floor. More attention has to be paid to creatively weaving memorable progressions and rhythmic feels to his other productions.

Though Inyanya is presently amongst the rave making Nigerian pop stars of this period gradually becoming a king in his own domain, he needs to tread carefully in order not to allow his present success become his bus stop.
Words By Kehinde Ajose

Artiste: Inyanya
Label: Made Men Music Group
Duration:3 minutes





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