#BBATHECHASE: Feza, Oneal and Bimp Are Up For Eviction This Week

Who is on the next flight home? Could this be the end of the Oneza Chase dynasty, or are we saying goodbye to Bimp?


When Feza’s name was called out, the Tanzanian gave a brief smile. Her man’s jaw almost hit the floor as soon as his name was mentioned last.

When the time came for Elikem to make his ‘Save and Replace’ decision, the Ghanaian saved himself and put Bimp up for possible Eviction. Last week, Bimp was Head of House. The Ethiopian Saved Cleo and put Sulu up for possible Eviction. On Sunday night, Sulu was booted out of the Chase.

This is the first time that Feza hasn’t been saved by a Head of House, since the game started. The pretty Tanzanian has been saved three times before by SuluOneal and Elikem.

Elikem’s HoH swap in effect, means Feza, Oneal and Bimp are up for possible Eviction this week.



Melvin, Dillish, Cleo, Beverly, Angelo and Elikem are slowly inching their way towards the Top 5 and the USD 300 000 grand prize!



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