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A Must Read!!! Using Mobile Marketing To Sell Out Your Event by @UCHEUGO


What is mobile marketing?  It is just a way of marketing/promoting a brand via your mobile devices!  It is more of an extension of internet marketing and what have you.  Research has shown that, mobile users  spend a lot of time at least  7-10hours a day even much more.  You can imagine reaching your target audience on-the-go!  Your target audience is permanently switched-on , ready to interact.



Your audiences are not confined to their homes or offices. Mobile marketing is more like a one-on-one direct marketing straight to your mobile devices, reaching them at any time.  LET YOUR FINGER DO THE TALKING.  At the drop of a hat, you reach your target audiences.


Mobile Ticketing:  Mobile ticketing is where by a customer order, pay for an event online rather than having ticket(s) delivered to you or collecting from the ticket vendor. The ticket(s) will be delivered to your mobile device or a valid email address after the transaction is complete.  And most of this company offering such service(s) promotes every event on their platform.

SMS MARKETING:  Marketing your event using bulk sms to promote your event to large number of database at click is a great tool.  You need to ask yourself,  how many people are my targeting? 500? 1000? 2000? After answering that question yea, you need to find a bulk sms company! Sending bulk sms is cost effective as low as N1. It will surprise you how effective this can be for selling out your event.  You can also include link to your event website or social media page to your sms where they can easily read more about your upcoming event.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING:  let your finger do the talking! Most people are on every social network via their mobile devices such as : TWITTER,FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE+,  Even the BBM(BLACKBERRY MESSENGER).  Never underestimate the power of  social media,  Selling your event using this medium can be cost effective depending on your budget. It is matter of engaging your audience.  You need to find a social media manager to handle this effectively or better still, if you have the time to do this, you can as well put your finger to work.

MOBILE ADS:  Most people play games via their phones and also use all kind of apps to solve their daily solutions.  You can leverage on this and get your event out there to the world.  Google has made it possible to place ads on these apps! This just a matter of paying to have your ad displayed when ever somebody plays a game on their mobile device.  It is a sure way to sell out your event. Likewise the Micro-blogging-twitter-client such as ubersocial, hootsuite e.t.c has also made it possible to advertise ads on their platform. Very cost effective depending on your budget.



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“UCHEUGO is creative designer, digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur, providing rich strategic creative service to wide range of business. Got questions? You can tweet at him @UCHEUGO

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