Miguel Says He Didn’t Sleep After Kicking Fan In the Head, Lawyers Hints At Brain Damage


During an interview in the UK, Miguel opened up about his “fall” at the Billboard Music Awards and revealed what the victim shared with him backstage.





Miguel opened up about his inability to sleep after the incident, but added that he felt comforted once he spoke to the victim. Here are the highlights:

On falling during his 2013 BMA performance:

“It didn’t go exactly as I planned, I’m a very passionate performer. That time it just didn’t work out for me but at the end of the day at least you know when you come to see me, I am going to put on a show and I am going to give it everything I love, everything I know and everything I feel. That’s what living in the moment is all about.”

On accepting that he made a “mistake” in public:

“When you put your art out there, you are not only putting your art out there, you are putting your life out there.” He explains. “What I love about it, is the ability to show that you’re human and for people to relate to the fact that we are not perfect.”


He added that he and his client are waiting for test results from a neurologist and will decide later if they will pursue legal action.


Its possible there will be a lawsuit..

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