Fired Instantly: New News Anchor Chooses Worst Words Ever To Begin Broadcast


Cursing in the workplace can actually be a good thing — but not if your workplace is live TV. On Sunday, A.J. Clemente fronted up for his first night on the news anchor’s desk of KFYR, an NBC affiliate based in Bismarck, N.D., and chose some exceptionally poor (and exceptionally NSFW) words to open his first broadcast: “F–kin’ s–t.” His co-anchor Van Tieu stumbled as she apparently realized what Clemente had said, though she demonstrated a little more professionalism and didn’t drop any curse words.


To his credit, Clemente realized he’d goofed: “That couldn’t have gone any worse!” he said after the broadcast on his (now deleted) Twitter account.



UPDATE: Clemente tweeted on Monday that he was fired by KFYR after the incident. The station also posted an apology online and apologized on-air to viewers

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