One on One With Burna Boy As He Talks About His Upcoming Album L.I.F.E


They call him B-U-R-R-NA- BOY!!!

Blessed with a thick and incredible voice, he’s versatility as a “MUSICIAN” which he prefers to be addressed as has actually produced songs like : LIKE TO PARTY, FREEDOM, ABEG ABEG ABEG and his new single RUN MY RACE which saw him switching from dance-hall to R&B, hip-hop and afro beat.

Signed to the ever blazing team of ARISTOKRAT records, Burna boy is set to maintain and deliver the high standard he has set for himself with his yet to be released album he’s titled: L.I.F.E an acronym for (Leaving an Impact For Eternity)


 1. What’s been that bold step you.  Have taken in life that you so thankful you took?

The very bold decision I have. Ever taken in my life that still remains. A joyful thing to me happens to be moving back to Nigeria to start my musical career because so far, its honestly paid off.

2. Why the name BURNA  BOY?
Basically, I like cartoon super heroes, I just thought to go with a more comic kind of name and you know how there is superman and there is spiderman, I am actually BURNA BOY and my power is my music.

3. Your first recording experience.

I actually started recording in London but my very first recording professionally was in Nigeria with. Leriq who is also signed to Aristokrat records and it was sometime in December 2000. The song is called FREEDOM and its actually on my first mixtape [Burn Identity]

4. Did you see. This whole music acceptance happening the way its turned out to be?

Honestly,I feel blessed because for any upcoming artist you never know what the listeners might like and for me to be accepted the way I have been, I say. Thank you to all my fans.


5.  24hrs for Burnaboy, how does it start and end?

The first thing I do in the morning is eat cause I am very energetic person. So I eat a lot. I relax and get ideas musically and I just hit up Leriq (Our in House producer) and we both head down to the studio and work out a beat and right after that I throw myself into the bathroom and do my daily activities and back to the. studio again.  I spend most of my time in the studio.

6. When is an. Album gonna drop?
My album L.I.L.E which is an acronym for Leaving an Impact For Eternity would be out hopefully in the second quarter of this year. Probably by June 2013.

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