28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 7 – Mirror Check


Before you step foot out of your front door, you need to make sure that you are looking your best, and that means avoiding any sort of beauty errors that all too many women make on a daily basis. Check yourself in the mirror, and make sure that you are not committing
any of these crimes.

Wearing Clothes That are Too Small

You may think that choosing a smaller size will somehow magically make you appear smaller, but the opposite is true. Wearing clothes that are too small will only make you appear all the larger. Men and women alike will be rolling their eyes at the shirt that shows too much of your tummy, or the jeans you insist on wearing that give you the dreaded “muffin top”. Don’t be afraid of the size label on the clothing you wear, choose pieces that fit your body and compliment your shape.

Wearing Clothes that are the Wrong Colour

Not every colour of clothing that is out there is made for everyone. Choose colours that help bring out your natural skin tones. For example, if you have a warmer skin tone that has brown or orange undertones, then choose warm shades for your clothes. When in doubt, go for black or neutral, but make sure your wardrobe isn’t full of black items.

Wearing Too Much Makeup

Nothing is worse than to leave your house wearing far too much makeup. You may think that you look like a model, but fact of the matter is that your makeup looks overdone and caked on. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are wearing too much makeup because we are not applying the makeup in the right light. Always make sure that any makeup application is taking place in a well lit room, or most preferably in daylight, so you will know exactly what you look like.

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Funto Oni is a blend of beauty, brains and grace. A beauty and style coach. A chartered accountant. A Lover of God and God’s cutest daughter as she fondly calls herself. She currently works with a dynamic IT firm as an accountant. She also manages her beauty outfit ‘DivHadassah’. 

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