Update: Kelvin Lakoju Did Not Commit Suicide in India


Contrary to news that previously circulated the internet on friday,  (read here) “Kelvin DID NOT Kill Himself” close friends of Kelvin Lakoju have responded.

Few days after the news of the alleged fake story of Kelvin Lakoju committing suicide broke out on blogs, his family and friends have come out to dispute the story.

No one agrees/believes that Kelvin committed suicide, infact a close friend of his living in India stated “Kelvin was killed, we know it, the Indian police knows it, they have confirmed it”

Although investigations are still going on, it is believed that the possibility of suicide has been ruled out.

Kelvin was said to have received death threats from his Landlord and on several occassions he had reported to his parents.

Unconfirmed reports say that new findings will be sent out soon.

In the main time it has been sadness, pain and tears for friends of Kelvin.

Another longtime friend of his Kofo who also schooled in India said  ” He had lots of plans mapped out, he was going to tour the world, Hungary to India and his next stop was either Canada or U.S. He was so full of life, ideas, plans which is why i don’t believe that suicide rubbish. I pray whoever did this will suffer for it”

Another friend who pleaded anonymous said amidst tears “how come they were quick to conclude that it was a suicide case, just days before the incident he was very bubbly and the last set of people he spoke with said there were no signs of depression”

He was a great guy, humble, friendly and calm, he’ll be greatly missed by his Family and Friends.

His friends are hereby appealing to the authority and the embassy in India to take up the case, his friends and neighbors should be questioned, everybody around should be called.

Kelvin couldn’t have killed himself, he wouldn’t do such a thing. Was the response of an old school friend of his. Some of his friends believe his landlord is the main suspect.

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