Introducing Edge Records New Act – IJ Exclusive


Charity Ijeoma Oparah is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Born and raised in Ikoyi, Lagos, she  was first exposed to singing and dancing competitions as a child. She join a group called Flex ‘N’ IJ in the early 2005’s which led her into EDGE RECORDS Family and recorded some hot tracks and radio jingles.
During the hiatus of Flex ‘N’ IJ, Charity recorded radio jingle for a couple of radio stations of which Brilla FM RAGA Jingle  in 2006, all over lagos. She has been featured in so many tracks as back up vocalist.
Her first solo singles “Beautiful Mama”, “Gone with the wind”, “Celebrate” and “Am in Love”. She is the first and only female artist of EDGE RECORDS. She is preparing to star in Local, Nigeria and International films and musical concerts coming up in the year 2013 and Beyond.
Watch out for new songs form IJ exclusive…

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