Naeto C Responds To Fraud Allegations

Following allegations made by Abuja based show promoter ‘Fine Boy Swag (FBS) Entertainment’ outfit over a show Naeto C was paid to perform at, his label Storm Records  released an official statement.

The statement reads;

With reference to the news making the rounds on entertainment blog portals and social media platforms about our client Naeto C defrauding a show promoter of certain amount of money, we would like to clear the air and set the records straight. For the purpose of clarity and details, we will enumerate all the facts of the affair below.

Naeto C actually made the trip to Abuja to fulfill his end of the agreement subject to receiving full payment for the said event which was supposed to be a day before or on the date of the engagement. When it became apparent on the day of the show that the promoters were not forthcoming with paying up the balance, our client declined to grace the show with his presence especially as he had held up his end of the bargain regardless of the show being 3 days to his wedding. Most significantly, the signature on the agreement document is not that of our client and this act of forgery is not only distasteful, but criminal.

At this junction, it should be stated for the benefit of those that are new to the entertainment business that ‘a show promoter is liable to forfeit any money deposited to book an artiste for a particular date if the promoter fails to complete payment before the stipulated time for the performance and the artiste is permitted to walk away from the arrangement’. This is standard practice in entertainment all over the world because artiste will decline all other approaches by prospective clients once a party makes a commitment by way of an initial deposit.

Now that we have established the ground facts, let us further clarify the following claims that were made:

At no point did the said promoter have a direct conversation with our client regarding the subject. All forms of communication in the build up to the agreement were carried out via a third party, a certain DJ Fresh, for whom our client was willing to perform as a favor.

The sum deposited is a fraction of the total amount which was agreed upon and stated in the agreement document as payment for his services.
Naeto C as a brand is of the premium stock. His life is well documented in the public’s eye from his family background to his upbringing, educational background, and his career as a musical artiste. He has been able to conduct himself and his business in a decent manner thereby making his brand appealing enough for brands and establishments to leverage their products upon. His integrity has never been questioned in any sphere of existence for any reason whatsoever. Also, every established show promoter knows it costs considerably more than the figure in question to book Naeto C for a performance.

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