About to commence  an analysis of events that would remain unforgotten not in years to come. Under this section however, issue including the Boko Haram Bomb Blasts and Killings, the Dana Plane Crash, Cynthia Osokogu’s Killing, Aluu 4, Flood in Delta state and Lokoja and of course the Mubi Killing in Adamawa. 

THE BOKO HARAM BOMB BLASTS AND KILLINGS:  After thorough research, it has been made clear understood that the ”Boko’ which happens to be hausa means ‘Western Education’ and the ‘Haram’ means ‘Sin’. The ideology of this sect is to strengthen Sharia law and Islamist fundamentalism.

The group was said to have been founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2001 but launched the military campaign for Islamist rule in 2009.

It consists of persons committed to the propagation of the prophet’s teaching and Jihad. Sources say it is based in the North-East part of Nigeria. According to Human Right Watch, 450 persons were murdered in the year 2011, 620 persons killed in the first 6 months of 2012 and 10,000 persons murdered in cold blood since the sect was launched.

Below is an arrangement of the spectacular killings for the year 2012.


In January 2012, the deadliest attack from this sect occurred in Kano. At least 180 persons dies on the spot. No attack from this people has been has worse as this over time.

In April 2012, ‘This day’, a newspaper company in Abuja was bombed twice on the same day leaving at least 2 persons dead and several injured.

However, good news reached in the month of June 2012 that the bomber of the church in Mandalla, Niger on a Christmas day was arrested and tried. This was followed by the attack that happened in the early days of September this year.

The group attacked mobile phone masts belonging to nine telecom companies. Later that month, a church at Bauchi was bombed leaving 2 dead and 48 injured. May the souls of the victims rest in perfect peace and affected families be consoled.


 DANA AIRPLANE CRASH: This dreadful event occurred on the 3rd day of June, 2012 and it was black Sunday.  The plane was said to have landed after several alerts on a furniture works and printing press building at Iju-Ishaga, Lagos,  Nigeria on a longitude and latitude of 06°34?38?N 003°19?16?E.

The flight originated from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja and crashed just a few minutes to arrive the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.

The cause of this crash was simply that the two engines failed simultaneously. Aircraft Mcdonnell Douglas MD-83 was said to have been built in 1990 and acquired by Dana in February 2009.

Except for the fact that the engines may have failed due to feulling with fake kerosene, the aircraft was checked on the 1st day of June 2012.

Fatalities in included 146 passengers and crew who were unfortunate to have been aboard alongside the 6 who were crushed to the earth by the remains of the plane.

So many families were killed including dignitaries like Alhaji Ibrahim Damcida, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of industries. The Dana Plane crash 2012 has the highest death toll of all aviation accident involving a McDonnell Douglas MD-83.

It also happens to be Nigeria’s second deadliest plane crash after the Kano Air Disaster of January 1973 which claimed 173 lives on the spot.


CYNTHIA OSOKOGU’s MURDER: The 24 years old daughter of the Retired Major General Frank Osokogu was a post graduate from the University of Nassarawa who was reported missing on the 24th day of July 2012.

She was said to have reportedly left home to embark on a journey down to Lagos. Different stories have however been cooked to this effect. A school said that she left Nassarawa for lagos to get some stuffs for her boutique back home while another had it that she had come to meet some new friends she met through the social network, Facebook.

Cynthia was an amazon- she was young and beautiful,yet she knew what she wanted. She was an enterprising lady who was just unfortunate to have fallen into the trap of hoodlums. Many were shocked to know that this humble individual had been murdered in an horrible way- it was reported that her hands were cut of alongside her legs. This gives an impression that Cynthia Ojokogu was used for ritual.

This despicable act happened in the hotel room she lodged in Lagos and was supposedly carried out by the same people who picked her up from the airport. This is exactly why one has to tell close persons about one’s whereabouts so tabs could be placed.


FLOOD IN DELTA STATE:  Over five hundred (500) houses collapsed in various communities, courtesy of the flood in Delta State that struck on the 30th day of July 2012. Worst hits occurred in the Ewulu community located in south east part of Delta State.

The flood was reported to have been caused by river Umuobi, a tributary of River Niger. Scores of persons including the paralyzed were trapped by the flood. However, three communities in Oshimili, South Utchi of Ndokwa East Councils have relocated to Asaba.

The flood was so bad that women and children had to use carts and bicycles to move their salvaged household items up the hill to a temporary camp at the community Secondary School. Also in the process did a traditional ruler from the Ndokwa Local Government Area of the state lose his life. Reports had it that the escape boat he was in capsized.

The other local governments affected include Patani, Isoko South and North, Ndokwa East, Bomadi, Burutu and Oshimili North and South, Ughelli North and South.


FLOOD IN LOKOJA:  The flood that happened along Abuja-lokoja highway was said to have been caused by overflow from the River Niger. Over 2 million Nigerians that live on this part of the country have been rendered eith homeless or even dead and others lost.

As at the time of occurrence, thousands of travellers were left stranded.


MUBI KILLING: This disaster occurred at exactly 10pm on the first Monday in the month of October at Wuro Fatuje, a popular hostel off campus hostel housing students from the tree tertiary institutions- Adamawa State University, the Federal Polytechnic and the School of Heath all in Mubi, Adamawa State.

No fewer that 40 students from these institutions were killed in this attack. The victims’ names were announced one after the other before being killed. This gives an impression that the gunmen were either students or sent by student, with reference to the SUG election that came up the week before the attack.

Not long after this, the Joint Military Task Force recorded a major breakthrough arresting over 156 suspected terrorists and also discovered a local bomb factory.


ALUU 4 KILLING IN UNIPORT: Four students were killed by a mob in Aluu Community Port Harcourt for allegedly stealing a laptop and phones on Friday October 5th, 2012.

There are reports that twelve people have been arrested in the Aluu Community where four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were  killed. The students names were given as Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka.

To be continued…


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