Hello Food Launches Online Food Delivery Website in Lagos

Hellofood lands in Lagos with the market-leading meal ordering platform. Bringing the world’s best food delivery platform to Nigeria, Hellofood is the fastest and most convenient way of ordering food online. With more than 60 restaurants signed up in Lagos already, and loads more to come, customers can choose from all their favourite restaurants on one site, and order in a few clicks!

“Our belief is that ordering food online should be fuss-free, fast and fun”, said Joe Falter, CEO of Hellofood. Customers enter their area, find their favorite restaurant near them and with just a few effortless clicks, order over the internet.

Consumers are looking online for an increasingly large portion of their purchases, and restaurants want to be in on the action. “We expect a significant increase in customer numbers from the cooperation with Hellofood”, said Olayemi Shutti, of Marco Polo Oriental Cuisine. Olayemi believes the “online delivery service will be enthusiastically embraced” by their customers as it makes choosing and ordering food simple for the first time. Echoing similar sentiments is Victoria, owner of Bukka Hut. “Without a doubt, the exposure from Hellofood’s website and marketing support will increase my takings,” said Victoria.

Hellofood’s launch partners include restaurants in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki and Ikeja. Customers will soon be spoilt for choices with island-wide coverage and a greater variety of restaurant choices.


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