“I’m Not Being Managed by Whom I’m Dating” – Mo’Cheddah

Has the African pop princess broken up with her alleged boyfriend from the royal family – Prince
BK Olateru-Olagbegi? Or has the boyfriend assumed another role in her life? These and many
more questions were revealed in this interview by the 22 year old singer who seem to have put
behind her, whatever bond she had with her former record label Knighthouse, as she begins to
run her own empire.

Your decision to leave Knighthouse came as a surprise to everyone, how did it occur?
It was time to move on, and we went our separate ways. It’s not a big deal leaving a record
label and contrary to what you read or heard, it doesn’t have to be controversial or steered by a
dispute. It’s ok to grow and not everything you read or hear is true.

How would you rate yourself now compared to when you were at Knighthouse?
I’m more responsible for myself, I’m smarter, wiser, more alert, and the business is going very
well. I’m involved with my own admin; it’s a great experience and life is great.

So what has changed so far?
Nothing has changed, besides my new responsibility and the great experience of exploring. I’m
doing great, making my own money and I’m more than comfortable. I thank God

You didn’t just leave; you went ahead to start your own label “Cheddah Music”. Did you plan it before now or just a coincidence?
It was a coincidence. I didn’t say I was starting anything with a name to it, people formed it and I
thought it was a sign, so let me go ahead.

How have you faired with the label & Management?
We are growing, I have a new team, new staff, and everything is well.

Do you think you lost anything by leaving your former team?
I did not lose anything.

So what’s the current relationship with Knighthouse and do you regret leaving?
We are cool, all is well and no I don’t regret leaving.

At some point, did you find it difficult to sync with other producers compared to DJ Klem whom you’ve been used to before now?
No I didn’t. One just has to grow musically and it’s a great experience working with others. I’ve
worked with Davido, Chopstix, E kelly, Mr Chido, and it’s been a good exposure.

Are you honestly satisfied with the reception of your new music materials?
I thank God for how far I’ve come; we are still working and there’s more to come.

The first single you released “Louder” got several bad reviews. What do you think was responsible for this?

It got several bad reviews from my home base Nigeria, but internationally it did and is still doing me a lot of good. The reviews came from the video. My people complained of the foreigners in there and my question is “what is wrong with that”? I do not see colour or race, I am a neutral person.

Do you write all your songs or you hire ghost writers?
I write all my songs for now.

At this point how would you describe your sound/style of music?
I would describe my music as fresh, new and creative.

Some of your fans feel that you’ve fallen from the pecking order of industry favourites, do you agree?
No, I do not agree.

When you were allegedly involved in a nude photo scandal with eLDee on twitter, you were almost thrown off balance, but you were still able to pull through. What exactly transpired?
I was not thrown off balance, because these things come at you every day. Nothing whatsoever
transpired; people just make up stuff to hurt you. It comes with the business and I’m stronger
now. I think it’s time everyone moves on from it.

How do feel when people make reference to your body parts?
I see all the comments but half the people talking have not seen me in person. I believe everyone is beautifully created by God and no one has the authority to talk bad about anyone’s body or how they look.



Now that the public is now aware of whom you’re dating, does this make you feel insecure in anyway?
I’ve heard that I’m dating several people and you know people cook up stories and even quote
me. It comes with the business, so in this case I do not know who you are talking about and I’m
not insecure in anyway.

How do you prevent a conflict of interest between work & emotion, since one person plays both roles in your life now?
Contrary to what I heard or what you think, I run my business no one does and I’m not being
managed by whom I’m dating.

What do feel about the numerous comparisons with Ms Iye?
I’m indifferent about it. Ms Iye is a good artiste with talent, how else should I feel?

You’ve had your fair share of controversies to deal with; and even though you’ve lost it a couple of times, you’ve still managed to stay strong, how did that work out?
Balancing my merits with the controversy people cook up, my achievements are a constant
reminder that I have to keep going and working harder.

You were more active while you were a student than when you graduated; why is this so?
Contrary to what you think, it’s the opposite. After my graduation, 70 percent of the time I’ve not been in the country, maybe that’s why you think so. I’ve been so busy and I thank God for how far I’ve come. There’s a huge difference between last year and now, let’s just say everything has doubled for the better.


You also made a short appearance on Tinsel, so are you planning to kick start a full blown acting career anytime soon?
I came on Tinsel as a guest appearance. I had no intention of staying and as for acting, let’s just
see what happens eventually.

Have you got any project worth looking forward to?
Yes! My next album, the ‘Mo’cheddah I believe’ project and other things that have got nothing to do with music, but big businesses.

Good to know you’re still a Soulmate ambassador; how have you managed to maintain this for a long time?
I thank God it’s been great working with the soulmate brand, the relationship is great and
everyone is happy, it’s a close family.

So if you had a chance to return to Knighthouse, would you?
No. I would not; I have grown and moved from that, so I expect everyone should too.

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