K-Solo Rejects Child’s Paternity After Wife Puts To Bed

Child’s birth is a thing of joy but reverse is the case for Nigeria’s popular music producer and musician, Solomon Oyeniyi otherwise known as K-Solo with the delivery of his wife Kikelomo.

Kike puts to bed at about 5am on Friday October 26, 2012 in an undisclosed Hospital in Lagos state.

Meanwhile, K-solo his reported to have denied the new born baby due to some supposed controversy between the duo.

Earlier this year, May 1, 2012 to be precise, a conversation from the couple via text message went viral on the internet where kikelomo advised K-Solo not to think of the baby as his.

The unedited text message read thus:
“Sorry we neva ad any baby together. Moreover, am sure Bimbo shud b able to giv u d one she was unable to giv u for 7yrs. And less i forget, ur eyes and dat of ur family wud not behold nor carry my child cuz u already denied d pregnancy. Ds pregnancy does not know Oyeniyi family and can neva be an Oyeniyi member. God forbid ! So go bak and tell ur people. If u know wat is gud for u, stay off me, my baby and my family. I regret knowin u and ur family and i cause d day i met u. Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

As its stands, sources close to the Producer has also confirmed that K-Solo is also in doubt of the child’s paternity. He is not aware of the child’s place of birth nor the wife’s where about.

Efforts to reach K-solo is yet to be fruitful but all fingers crossed. We promise to give an exclusive feedback as soon as we get through to K-Solo.

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