‘Everyone Has An Equal Opportunity To Shine’ – Niyola

Niyola EME First Lady is set to perform at One Mic Naija Independence Edition.. Here is what she has to say about her music and relationship with other EME Members

1. As the only female artiste signed to EME, what makes you think you’ve got a chance to shine amongst already established acts in the label?

– Everybody on EME is talented in their own unique way, so everybody has an equal opportunity to shine ­čÖé

2. What specific talent do you think Banky saw in you that made him offer you a record deal?

– I figure it’s how I sing and my commitment to music

3. Your self titled debut album didn’t propel you as much as the EME signing did. Why is this so?

– Probably because I left the label immediately after the album was released and it was not promoted as much as it should have been

4. Song Writing, Vocalism and Performance (on & off stage); which do you consider your greatest strength?

– Vocalism and Performance

5. Do you feel like you’re under any form of pressure to deliver?

Not exactly, because I already set high standards for myself and also my team will not allow me deliver anything short of the best.

6. Now that you’ve got a record label, what has changed significantly for you career wise?

Well, there is more structure for everything I do now.

7. Most difficult part of your work as an artiste is?

Making appearances and going out at night

8. Why should anyone look forward to your performance at One Mic Naija?

– It’s going to be my 1st live band performance in a while and I’m really excited about it
9. So what could hinder your success at One Mic Naija?

– Honestly can’t think of anything that could. I know it’s going to be awesome

10. If you had the chance to choose between “a Lip Sync performance” & “a Live performance”, which would you go for and why?

– I would definitely choose a live performance, because it gives more room for me to express myself

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