Re: Four Uniport Student Beaten to Death Because of Laptops and Phones

What happened to these boys is just the vice versa of what should happen to leaders who steal large sum of money. University of Port Harcourt students named Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka were  beaten to death by indegenes of Aluu community for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel.

Phones and Laptops ooo.. It is not supported for them to steal but the punishment was higher than the crime they committed. How much more would they handle a case of known or recognized people or so called leaders that get away with large sum of  money and  even at times lives get lost in the process if attaining or maintaining their various posts. Laws are not suppose to be taken into our hands when such issues arises. I’m sure this will serve as a very big lesson to those involved in nefarious acts.

The community would have involved the police and not take justice into their hands to kill

these young students. Its so painful they died these way because they stole ‘gadgets‘ worth of how much pls…. 

In this same country, we have leaders who steal large sum of money and no one will face them or throw stone at them. The people of Aluu community took laws into their hands and they killed these students. I agree stealing is not good but whatever these boys did when they were ‘caught’ they should have reported them to the nearest police station in their community. 

This is a big lesson to others..

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