ISIS Gaming Enriches More Lives with Play & Win Scratch Card

 The Game system has changed in Nigeria for good.. I present to you ISIS Gaming Limited. This is the ‘Tush’ form the local game we know in Lagos ‘Baba Ijebu’

(ISISG) is a new scratch card lottery & gaming company focused on creating platforms that offer players a wide variety of gaming options at very fair odds.

We are Lagos state foremost Scratch card lottery Partners, equipped with the necessary tools; we intend to show Lagos and Nigeria that Lottery play can be Fun, Exciting and ultimately rewarding.

The company’s vision is to be the foremost promoter of good causes and enricher of lives. This is tied to the company’s mission:

•To continually develop new games with the highest industry winning odds and payout

•To enhance the quality of life of the people by supporting community development projects and charities.

At the heart of ISISG’s strategy to achieving its mission and vision is its technical partnership with EAGLE TECH, a global lottery operator. Together with its technical partners, the company has a combined
experience of over 80 years in the gaming industry.

All over the world, Lottery is been used to improve the economy as well as better the lives of
people, so we at ISIS Gaming want to empower the government to provide more quality basic
amenities, from Transportation, Education and other infrastructures.

Our models are very simple to understand and fun to Play.

“Our aim is to enrich the Lives of People”. We intend to enter the market with 3 Exciting Games:

C MONEY+: which cost N50 with wins from N50 to N50, 000
MONEY-RAIN: which cost N100 with wins from N100 to N200,000
BIG-BOY: which cost N500 with wins from N500 to N500, 000.

ISIS promise to be continuously innovative with our games whilst enriching lives!!!

Connect With ISIS:

Twitter: @ISIS_GAMING for more info

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