This is Where You Should Be This Weekend.. #FORTHELOVEOFCOUNTRY

The 52nd Independence Anniversary is around the corner and we have a perfect idea of how to make it memorable for you, your clients and colleagues. On the 30th of September, 2012, the Creative Nigeria Project (CNP) in conjunction with Terra Culture and Freedom Hall will commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary  in an exclusive theatre musicale event themed FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY.

It will be an eclectic fusion of sight, soul and sound by Nigeria’s most talented music artistes alongside dynamic performances by exceptional actors. It is about fanning the flames of patriotism, deepening our sense of unity and celebrating the beauty and diversity of our tribes without the pains of tribalism. We plan an artistic reflection of Nigeria that draws from our diverse talents, boundless energies, rich cultural heritage and creative rhythm. It is about striking the chord of that indomitable Nigerian Spirit which binds us together in spite of our broken pa8st.

What makes this event extraordinary is that it is part of a cultural renaissance set to awaken social consciousness. It chronicles the issues that have plagued our country; capturing past, present and future into one event with eloquence, depth and humor. It is about sharing the miracle that despite 30 months of Civil
War, 10 bloody military coups, years of endless political turmoil and the bleak present, Nigeria still stands.

Performing live at the concert are;  Sage Has.son, Onyeka Onwenu, Bez Idakula, Praiz, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Threadstone, Modele, One Nation Band, KC Ejelonu, Shawn Faqua and others.

Script written by Kunle Dada. Director: Sola Roberts. Producer: Ferdinand Adimefe


The aim of the redefinition campaign is to raise 52, 000 revolutionaries signatures, that will subscribe to the vision of The New Nigeria by endorsing the “We Believe” creed. This campaign is to redefine Nigeria and salvage it from battered perceptions, using compelling messages and the empowering voices of ordinary people like you and I. We believe it is unjust to define every Nigerian upon the personalities of the corrupt few or our broken past. We believe that the true spirit of Nigeria is in possessing true values and a zeal that is with ethical standards consistent with high morality and principles. We will uphold principle, leadership by integrity and genuine patriotism.

We kindly request you follow the link below to sign up for the campaign and read up on it. Also, draw on your contacts to get them to endorse this

Once again, we would be pleased to have you join. Nigeria is ours and we have to take a stand together, irrespective of age, ethnic or religious peculiarities.

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