Affairs- The Boy(s) ‘Three is a crowd so one has to go.’

The Boy(s).
As soon as I saw the knife, I gasped and moved back hurriedly and ended up bruising my ankle at the edge of the pool side. It was bleeding profusely and I used my hand to try to control it while trying to back away from the tall, dark man in a suit wielding a knife pointed at me. His other hand was behind him and I began to wonder if that held a body bag.

He stood there staring at me as I tried to control my bleeding ankle before he asked

‘Want some cake?’ and brought out cake from behind him.

I sat there startled, trying to process what just happened.

‘I’m sorry for scaring you with the knife but in my defense it was a table knife. Didn’t think it would cause such a reaction’

I chuckled out of relief, but inside of me I wanted to smash his head on the solid ground. He knelt down beside me, dropped the knife and cake which was on a disposable plate and held my wounded feet.

‘Mind if I take a look?’ he asked, smiling.

‘Sure. I don’t think it is bleeding so much anymore’, I said.

‘Yes’, he replied ‘but we best cover it up or it would be infected or bleed even more. Not such a deep cut anyway’

He took out a white cloth from his pocket that looked like a handkerchief and wrapped it around the injured area until it was tight enough to exert the right amount of pressure to reduce the bleeding.

‘Thank you’ I said.

‘No need. It was my fault anyways’ He picked up the cake and asked again

‘Still care for that cake?’

‘You really want me to eat this cake. Are you trying to drug me?’

‘No. Not today, at least’

‘Witty. I like’

He smiled.
‘The cake tastes really good and I saw you run out as soon as you came in without tasting it and  thought to myself that I should save you some before it ran out. Lots of hungry people in there’

We both laughed.

‘Ok. I’ll eat but on one condition’

‘I’m listening’

‘We eat it together’

‘Why? Is you watching you weight cause girl you is fine as a beauty queen’, he said in a Southern Black American accent.

I burst out laughing.

‘No. I just want to be safe and sure than sorry. So you go first’

‘Ok, if you insist. Like you are right now’

He cut up a bit of it and brought it close to his lips then stopped.

‘So what you are trying to say is that you don’t trust me?’

‘After trying to kill my leg, No, I don’t’

‘Fair enough’

He brought it close to his lips but stopped again

‘So what you are trying to say is that, if I eat this and then I die you are going to leave me and walk away?’

‘Like I never saw a thing.’

He sighed and shook his head.

He put the cake in his mouth and pulled back out and said

‘So what you are saying is that- ’

I cut him short when began to laugh.

‘Eat it or I will shove it into your mouth!’I exclaimed.

‘Ok. Ok. You don’t have to nag me about it.’

He ate the cake slowly, making faces like it tasted horribly. I laughed so hard I forgot about the pain throbbing in my ankles, about Ayo and the rest of my troubles.

‘Your turn.’ He said and handed me the slice of cake.

‘Thank you.’

I took a bite of it and he was right. It tasted mighty good.

I groaned playfully as I ate.

‘I think I came in my mouth like three times’

‘I know. I’m never wrong about orgasmic cake’


I heard my name being called out. It sounded like Nina.

‘Over here,’ I replied.

It was Nina.

She started chirping away when she was within an audible distance.

‘Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you and Ayo, he wants to talk to you about-’

She stopped when she noticed the gentleman seated next to me.

‘…about…business. Hello.’, she said waving at him.

‘It is ok. Hi’

Noticing the white cloth on my ankle and the little stain of blood on it, she rushed to my side and began with the questions

‘What happened?’ She held the injured area and looked at me. ‘Are you ok?’

‘He did’ I replied smiling and pointing in his direction with my chin. My hands were too lazy to move.

She looked at him, back to me and then the knife by his side to the pieces of cake on the disposable plate in between us.

‘Great cake’, she said. ‘I saved more for you’

‘Told ya’, he said to me.

‘I believe you now that I have tasted it’

‘Can you stand?’, asked Nina.

‘Yes, I just need a little help’

‘I can handle that for her. This is my entire fault anyways.’

‘I forgave you after I ate the cake’

‘I guess my cake tasting superpowers have a use then. Forgiveness from a beautiful lady’

I blushed.

He helped me and put my arm around his shoulder. We took a few steps forward until I was certain that I 
could walk on my own again without much assistance. Nina picked up my belongings and walked behind us until we came to the entrance of the hall.

He stopped and looked at me.

‘It was nice meeting you, miss.’ He pecked me. ‘Goodnight’

‘Goodnight’, I replied.

I watched as he walked away with his hand in his pocket.

Nina helped me put my shoes on.

‘Who is that guy?’

‘I don’t know. I didn’t even ask for his name or what he was doing here’

‘Uh! Mystery man.’


‘He is really cute’

‘I know and funny…and charming’, I replied with each word getting a tone lower as I spoke.

‘OK. Our shoes are on. Ready to meet Ayo?’

‘Urgh. I thought I told you to take care of him for me?’

‘I did but he is cute, and he begged me to get you to talk to him…and he gave me cake.’

‘What is in that cake?’ I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

We walked in slowly, trying not to let anyone notice us . Luckily for me, my gown was long enough to cover up my hurt ankle.

A few ‘Hellos’ and ‘Have you tasted the cakes?’ and I was standing in front of Ayo with a sheepish smile on my face.

‘Hello, runaway bride.’

‘I had an urgent phone call to answer. That’s why I told Nina to hint you on that for me’ I looked at Nina while I spoke.

‘Yes, and she did. You look beautiful this evening.

‘Thank you, and you look handsome as usual’

‘Thank you’, he replied.

‘So I will give you two a moment to talk while I mingle and try to get more cake’

‘Save some more for me, please’, I pleaded.

‘Sure. Ain’t no way I’m getting fat alone’

She danced away.

Ayo laughed lightly as he watched her leave.

‘Nina is quite the character’

‘I know. She makes me happy.’

‘Better than I did?’

‘For one, she doesn’t vanish when I need her’

He sighed.

‘Mind if we go some where quiet and talk?’

‘We already said what needed to be said, Ayo. Or didn’t we?’

‘I don’t think so. That kiss was-’

‘Nothing but a horny mistake’

‘Really?’ he asked. I could hear the anger in his tone but before I could respond with an apology, he was kissing me in front of everyone at the workplace.

Oh God! What is it with people and kissing me in public, especially in front of my colleagues?

I pushed him away and walked out of the hall quickly.

As soon as I got out, my phone beeped.

It was Mr. X.

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