Introducing Jive Angels “Tanana”

JIVE ANGELS is a unique band of dance and music entertainers which started in February 2008 and since then has grown to have a unique reputation. This unique band is a part of the parent company, Jive Angels International. Jive Angels is known for introducing the tradition of signature dance moves(simple steps) to their routines and performances that makes it easy for viewers to participate and dance along. They have featured in large concerts within and outside Nigeria and Performed before crowds as large as 120,000 in a single event. 

Their debut official single, Let’s Go Jive was released in February this year. Let’s Go Jive was produced by
Del B, DreyBeatz and Osh Production and the official video directed by Dudutoonz Studioz.  

Tanana is their official 2nd single, a sequel to their debut single (Lets Go Jive). TANANA is a confident party starter for all those who wanna celebrate. TANANA is a new slang for SWEET. So all Tanana Guys and Ladies, Let THE Party Begin…

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