Check out Pictures from Mo’eazy Video Shoot in Lagos

Mo’ Eazy and Sexy Steel
It was a splash of pure creativity and talent at Mo’Eazy’s Kosoro video shoot last week. The video which was directed by South African director, Mark Hofemeyrfrom Trademark pictures was shot at KOGA studios in Ikeja, Lagos. The impressive set and excellent costumes shows that “Kosoro” video promises to be exceptional. The video shows Mo’Eazy as a sailor and he is accompanied by beautiful ladies on a quest.

The costumes were designed by Remi Buttons and S.A.B Designs. Hair and makeup were also done by Sleek Cosmetics. There were Cameo appearances by Darey, Zaina and TY
TY Mix,Zaina and Darey
Mix who came to show support for the young and vibrant artiste. Kaffy who was the choreographer for the shoot was also present to add style and glamour to the video with

her exotic dancers.

Kosoro is one video to watch out for as Mo’Eazy takes the music industry by storm saying  Oya Follow me go”!

Darey and Tee Y Mix

Mark Hofemeyr

Mo Eazy and TeeYMix

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