Interview: Wale Applause Chat with Flowssick

He had a smash hit with his single ‘Ringtone’ and  I’m sure you’ve all heard this song  ‘Let me give it to you Lowkey  and he also featured in Ms Saeon’s Latest single ‘Lie‘. Just in case you don’t know Flowssick, read more about him here.

Who is Flow sick?
My name is Abiola David Aina, A performing artist, an entertainer, a student, a God fearing person.

A brief into your background and lifestyle?
I grew up in an extended family .I have a lot of siblings, my mother raised me to be very religious. My brothers actually made me discover the music thing in me because they kept buying CDs of musicians I liked then so I steal CDs most times to listen to them over and over. My lifestyle is simple. Nothing too extravagant.

What kinda music do you do?
My Genre of music right now is actually Afro Dancehall but I would say my style of music is eclectic because I am also blessed with the gift of rapping and singing so I can say I am dynamic. Can’t be kept in a box.

Why music?
Music has always been part of me though I realized that at the age of  7 and since then it’s been my joy and motivation to success in life.

Let’s discuss your kinda music, your inspirations, mentors
My music like I said earlier is Afro Dancehall and the inspiration to my kind of music has to do with a lot of
things, like my family, the people I meet every day, my environment, my fans, the music that makes me stand up to dance once I hear it and the daily motivation and encouragement which I get from people who believe in me.

I have a lot of mentors in different aspects of life concerning whatever it is each individual is doing but narrowing it down to music it’s a long list.I see Fela, ASA, Nneka, Dbanj, Banky W as all mentors cause I grew up listening to all these people and they are good at what they do.

Challenges faced ever since you chose music as a career?
A lot I must say and can’t say it all because I see every day of my life as a challenge since I came out officially in November 2011 and all I do is just pray to God for is mercy and guidance towards the path I have chosen though some have been mistakes but I learn from them and they make me stronger towards my other endeavors.

First song?
My First song is a feature with a close friend of mine Dammy Krane . The song is Called Monkey

First hit song?
My first Hit song is called LOWKEY, Was recorded in March 2011, Released officially in November 2011, Produced by E-kelly.

How did your family accept your musical career?
Well my parents were against it at first because all they were about was go to school and get some degrees for yourself which was actually not a problem for me. I tried a lot to make them understand that music was just something within me and would like to show the world what I am made off. After a lot of deliberation they agreed and here I am doing an interview as an artist. They have been 100% behind me since I dropped Lowkey and am sure they will forever remain behind me.

What’s in the future, what do we expect from you in the nearest future?
A Lot actually. Working on international collaborations, more features, more hit singles and then an album.

How have you been able to handle fame?
Well I have been my same self even after I came out as Flowssick. Nothing has changed about me. So the fame thing really doesn’t determine who I am or what I am.

Any proposed international collaboration or tour?
Yes off course but won’t let the cat out of the bag till when the time is right concerning the collaborations and hopefully my management would be releasing a tour date, location sometime before august.

Where do you see the future of the Nigeria music factory?
I am proud to say I am a Nigerian artiste because the industry is doing really well for its self. I want to thank the likes of Don Jazzy, ASA, Nneka, Dbanj, P square, Ice prince, Banky W, FEMI KUTI and a lot more who are taking the gift of Nigerian music outside the shores of our land. That means we have a lot to offer to the world..Hopefully very soon someone would be thanking me to by Gods Grace. Amen. The future for Nigerian music is very bright.

Advice to up and comings?
God first, Stay Humble, Be dynamic.

What have always been your watch words?
Creativity and Consistency

Parting words to your fans
I always tell people I don’t have fans. What I have is family because who ever supports your endeavors is family. I Want to thank everyone who believes so much in me and also they should know their support makes me better every time.

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