Big Brother Africa Stargame Update: Hilda, Julio and Teclar are out, Maneta Stays!!

Big Brother once again applied his advanced Random Nomination Mechanism during Sunday’s live eviction show in Johannesburg, South Africa.

After a twist, Big Brother decided to throw his painful eviction, Teclar (Zimbabwe) first. Then followed by the eviction of Julio and Hilda (Tanzanian) who never survived to see the day light of her being Head of House.

After seven days in the house, while most house mates are still settling in and finding their footing in the StarGame house, these 3 house mates are sadly on their way home.

While *Teclar* was sent home, in a surprising twist, her sister, Meneta was upgraded to the Upville “Celeb” House.

However, there were no upgrades for Hilda and Julio from Tanzania, they were both sent home!

Here is how Africa voted (13 May 2012):

Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Julio
Botswana: Maneta
Ghana: Hilda
Kenya: Maneta

Liberia: Hilda
Malawi: Maneta
Namibia: Maneta
Nigeria: Hilda
South Africa: Maneta
Sierra Leone: Hilda
Tanzania: Hilda
Uganda: Hilda
Zambia: Maneta
Zimbabwe: Maneta

Rest of Africa: Maneta

Total: Hilda = 6; Julio = 1; Maneta = 8; Teclar = 0 (Total: 15 Votes)

So who are your favourite house mates in ‘Downville’ and ‘Upville’?

Do you think Maneta will be a competitor to Barbz in ‘Upville’ House?

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