Big Brother Africa Stargame: Liberia and Sierra Leone are up for Eviction this week

After an emotional Live Eviction Show which saw three Housemates being booted out of Star Game, the Downvillers braced themselves for more drama.

They did not have to wait too long. The gang huddled in front of the television in the lounge, waiting with bated breath for the results of the random Lottery Nomination.

Gasps could be heard as the Lottery balls popped out of the machine – revealing Sierra Leone and Liberia as the pairs up for possible Eviction this week.

Zainab and Dalphin from Sierra Leone did not give too much away by way of facial expression after hearing
this news, nor did Liberia’s Luke and Yadel. The other House mates obviously breathed a collective sigh of relief, seeing as they have yet another week in the game. Or do

With Big Brother and those unpredictable twists and turns, anything can happen.

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