Interview: Titi Reju Meets OB!

Titi Reju is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bowen University. The petite media enthusiast is currently an online journalist with 360NoBS and a co-presenter on an entertainment and lifestyle programme on TVC. Read the Exclusive Interview with OB! and get to know more about him. Click on this LINK to Download his New Mixtape.

Who is OB! ?

OB! is an R’n’B artist who hails from Imo state. Last born in a family of 5, graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from Unilag. Lover, player, regular round the way guy.

What was growing up like?

Fun! Mum used to buy me Michael Jackson records, my elder sisters ( Ego, who used to be with Lagbaja) used to sing Dolly Parton songs and all. I grew up listening to MJ, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Al B Sure, Jodeci, Boyz 2 Men, MJB, SWV, Dru Hill etc the list is endless. But these were basically the Artists /
Musicians that shaped me, most especially MJ, Stevie, R. Kelly and Jodeci

When did you start music professionally?

Started out 4 years ago, prior to this I had been recording songs for fun and putting them online for folks to listen to.

Why music though?

It’s basically for the love. I love singing, and the fact that people appreciate it is enough encouragement for me.

Is it safe to say you have abandoned your degree in URP to pursue a full time career in music?

Not completely, I’m not involved in anything URP for now but I’m pretty much very interested in my environment. So it’s in the pipeline for me to do something ‘environmentally inclined’ later on in life. Not figured what exactly yet

What kind of image do you think your music conveys?

My music conveys what every regular guy goes through. Love, lust, pain, regret. Whatever I experience (and I believe other guys also) I put down

So I hear the break into the music industry gets tougher by the day. What obstacles have you faced so far?

It really gets tougher. Firstly the number of artists we have today is way higher than what we had when the likes of Plantashun boyz, Trybesmen, Remedies and so on started. There are many talented artists out there now and there are also many more NOT talented ones who have money to push the music they make
And of course, if you don’t know somebody that knows somebody that knows ‘the powers that be’ in the industry, it tends to be harder.

What had you been up to before the release of your mixtape “4play” ?

I had two singles out late last year. The #4play idea came up when I was recording with my producer TinTin, And so before 4Play came out, we were working on 4Play, But I was also working on other songs for my upcoming album.

Talking about “4play“, forgive my dirty mind but why so sexual? Why #4play?

LOL! Well yeah that’s the whole idea. Before you, there will be foreplay right? So, before there’s an album/major single, I wanted to put out something just to let people know what I could do and have them look forward to the album

What are some of your immediate music career goals?

Well fore mostly, there’s the album. Working towards finishing that. Learning how to play the piano, because I believe it’s very essential I learn that too. Then of course before the album drops I’m trying to push what I’ve done so far so that a whole lot of people at least know who OB! is before the album drops

 Who are those you look up to/look forward to working with in the industry?

My eyes are on Tuface, Sound Sultan, would also love to do a real, unadulterated R’n’B song with Banky W.

Live performances or Studio Recording?


 Oh yea? Why?

You can afford to be flexible. You can afford to play around, involve the crowd and all that. With studio recordings you are rigid.

 So asides music, what else interests you?

Football (mad Arsenal fan), movies, I love architecture (even tho I didn’t study it), love meeting people.

All the Best OB!

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