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Presents National Youth Media summit 2012 Theme: Just Connect Date :11th – 12th MAY 2011.Venue :EDEN COMFORT HALL IKEJA LAGOS STATE NIGERIA

The media play a central role in modern societies because they represent a primary source of information and are a main provider of entertainment for large numbers of people. As a result, the media make a decisive impact on the political, economic, social and cultural activities of people and institutions, bringing about new behavioral and cultural patterns as well as, help to shape individual opinion, notions and beliefs.

The NYMC Summit is a response to a recently-realized major demand of the general populace; the need for good governance in all institutions, be it private or public. In all countries and especially in democracies, the media can play a key role in promoting good governance in the society. This project is aimed at helping young
people in the Media attain professional standards and practices at the managerial, editorial, production and programming levels. It is also aimed at bringing to the fore the public recognition of Media organisations’ commitment to the highest professional practices and ethics. We propose to conduct a bi-annual 2-day Youth-Media collaboration with media experts and other seasoned professionals providing the right tools and support for youths in media advocacy and the use of the new media for Change in Nigeria. It is our belief that this would provide
the needed mileage for Youths to reach the various segments of the Nigerian and Africa Media industry.

The pilot for this project was held in January 2010 at the British Council Multi-media suite, with the support of Timeless Newspaper, British Council, Silverbird TV and 21st Century Media. It is based on the success recorded at this event that, Talk Village International is looking to invite Youths to the National Youth-Media Connect Summit. Invitations will also be extended to youth policy-makers in this field: broadcasters, print journalists, New media technology experts and other stakeholders in the industry. TVI hopes that the methodology and tools developed at the Summit will favour and facilitate the transformation for state/privately controlled broadcast media outlets into Youth-led service broadcasting media outlets. The Nigerian Youth-Media Connect Summit mandate will
also highlight the role of the media in ensuring that Nigeria and other African countries:
Achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015

Achieve the Vision 2020 objectives

Adopt a quality management and standards accreditation route, with Nigeria playing a leadership role through the inclusion of the youth.

Address the Global Economy Crises: the place of Youth in Media addressing the Scourge

Targeted Participants
Youths involved in:
                 TV Productions
                New Media Experts
                Radio Productions
                Print Productions
                Freelance Journalists
                Web 2.0 Experts
                Communication Students
                Professional Photographers

Conference programme
The conference program proposes some activities, which include:
Paper presentations from seasoned speakers and resource persons
Plenary sessions
Exhibition/Workshops & Networking sessions
Experience Sharing
Live TV webcasting
The Session features:
5 Speakers
20 sessions
10 Thematic Goals
1 Message/Goal
1 Platform
Why is the Youth Media Summit taking place?
The summit is intended to discuss the need for an in-depth reform of
the media industry in Africa with special focus on quality control,
Professional standard and best practices which will make it possible
to develop a plan of action for which Africa can adopt a quality
management and standards accreditation route, Nigeria playing the
leadership role.

To sensitize, increase the awareness and acceptability of quality
standards in the media industry in West Africa, thereby promoting
free, independent and pluralistic media contributing to good
governance and how new media technologies can help boost their
recognition in the international market.

To create more awareness to young Media expert on the current trend of
ICT and related media.
To discuss how the Media can help African countries achieve the United
Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) by year 2015.

Youth-Media Summit Panel Discussions
Expectations in Media practice: Role of Youth in media and the
implementation of Nigeria vision 2020
Web 2.0 Gateway for boosting youth business globally
Youth Media: Act Local, think Global and harnessing opportunities for youths
Engaging Youths in Community Radio: Citizen Broadcast
Youth Media: Branding makes it stand out
Opportunities for Young Media Experts
How to sell yourself to your audience expensively
How to setup your own media outfit
Funding your media project and steps to do this
How to: Citizen Journalism
Plenary sessions:

1.  Youths and Journalism Practice
2.  Youths and Journalism Training
3. Youths and the Use of New Media as a teaching tool in Africa
4. The influence of New Media forms on the African landscape
5. Youths opportunities and trends in the New Media terrain
6. Media convergence and inter-penetration in local Nigeria Media
content, media literacy and technology in media.
7. Media and Internet Innovations
8. Broadcast journalism in the age of globalization: prospects & Challenges.


Media and ICT have become an essential tool in a nation’s development process, in enhancing good governance and empowering people around the world. The relationship between the media and government and its influence on democracy and national development is inevitably non-separable. In the 21st century, with the emergence of modern nation states, the media is an essential aid to development, becoming an important channel for public communication and transparency

Call for Abstract
We are currently calling for abstract submissions for the plenary sessions presentations by young people from the Media world, both the traditional and the new media technologies experts. Topics include:
1.  Youths and Journalism Practice
2.  Youths and Journalism Training
3. Youths and the Use of New Media as a teaching tool in Africa
4. The influence of New Media forms on the African landscape
5. Youths opportunities and treat in the Media
6. Democracy and good Governance: The place of Citizen Journalism/Social Media

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