#OccupyLekki Lagos State Government VS Lekki Road Toll Protesters

Eavesdrop! As at (13:00pm) The Commissioner of Police has sent out police to disperse protesters at the Lekki road toll-axis who are protesting the toll fees to start on December18th, 2011. They were dispersed to protect the damage of properties in and around the toll axis and to allow free movement of cars to avert the blockade of roads by protesters. “On scene reportage”

Lagos State Government and LCC have used a coalition of thugs and MOPOL to disrupt what was a peaceful protest. People are being tear-gassed attacked by armed hoodlums and bundled into black marias. Women are being attacked and arrested. A lady I shall identify as MTA was arrested and taken to Maroko Divisional Police station, for daring to be attacked by hoodlums!!! There is chaos everywhere.

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