2011 Recap Series: Top 10 Denials

Bode George

A Pinch…begins its Top 10 series this week, kicking off with the Top 10 denials of 2011.

10. “I didn’t say it.” – SA to the president on strategy, Oronto Douglas, claiming that it was another Oronto Douglas, not him, who confessed to a US embassy official that President Jonathan was part of the problem of the Niger Delta.

9. “I never threatened Mr. President.” – Gov. Sylva of Bayelsa State denying “his” voice on the recorded tape which has “him” threatening to kill the president and his wife.

8. “I’m not a crook. I’m not a criminal.” – Ex-convict Olabode George rejecting any association with crookery or criminality.

7. “There is no cabal.” – Petroleum Minister Diezani Madueke denouncing her earlier self for believing in the existence of cabals in the subsidy industry.

6. “Single tenure was not my idea.” – President Jonathan trying to sell the idea of single term by pointing accusing fingers at those who sold the idea to him.

5. “PDP is no longer a den of killers.” – Atiku Abubakar proclaiming the PDP killer-free on his return there to contest and lose the 2011 elections.

4. “It is the work of my detractors.” – Gov. Orji of Abia absolving all Abians of the ABSU rape incident but pinning it on his Abian detractors.

3. “I am not a fool. He is.” – Former Presidents Babaginda and Obasanjo arguing over which of them was a bigger fool.

2. “I am not a lion. I am not a king. I am not a general.” – President Jonathan denying all animalistic, monarchical and militaristic tendencies in him.

1. “I voted for Goodluck, I did not vote PDP.” – The culprits know themselves.

Compilation by – Baby Canary and Stanley Azuakola

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