Gospel Rapper Bouqui motivates with blast from the past.

Who said what’s in the past stays in the past. There are some things that can’t just be forgotten, no matter how much you try. Sunny Ade’s “Igbeyinloju” hit track from the 80s, is one of them.

Bouqui is no stranger to the music scene, dues well paid, foundation well laid, choices well made, she has chosen to inspire and motivate with her gift with two albums to her credit, B.O.U.Q.U.I; the self titled debut and Redefinition 2nd album).

Presently in the studio with genius producer Sam clef and also working with Cohbams and many more, Bouqui is determined to give her best to her third album.

Her new single produced by Jerry Metz. Igbeyinloju is one of the very unique songs of the early days of King Sunny Ade and she talks about choices and how they can make or break you with two interesting stories.

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