Respected entertainer and one of Africa’s leading talking drummers, Ara, has issued a statement, saying she’s parting with her husband Prince Nurudeen Olalekan Saliu.

The couple exchanged wedding vows on June 4, 2009.

The pair will remain friends, Ara says. And they will continue to jointly support their child.

“We’ve been separated since January’, the musician says. ‘But because I do not want rumours to start flying, and I think, out of respect, all my friends and fans need to know what’s happening to me, I think it’s right to set the records straight once and for all on this. We’re no longer together and we’re both happy. We’ve both moved on’.

‘I’m single again. But I will not be searching for now’. 
‘I’ve taken this decision very painfully; and it’s particularly a tough and sensitive time for me and my son. And I plead with my friends and fans to put us in their prayers at this period’.

The musician who is working to release her new materials, while also dedicating her time to helping disadvantaged women and children, says she will ‘not be granting any interviews for now. I want to give my son all the attention he needs; and when I do have to talk, it’ll be about my current love : My music’.

‘I pray my friends in the media understand this. They’ve been very supportive since my early days. And I believe they’ll stand by me at this trying period also…’

Aralola and Nurudeen got married at the Oshodi/Isolo registry on June 4, 2009. The marriage is presently in the process of annulment.

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