Fellow Nigerians, as we speak, Bode George, erstwhile and convicted chairman of Nigeria Port Authority is being released from jail after serving out his 2 year jail sentence. Ordinarily this would not attract any attention but for the pomp and fanfare that is being currently displayed by some shameless people as if he’s coming back from somewhere else but jail. PDP flags are flying all over the place and I gathered that even Mr President has said his party, the PDP, will send a high powered delegation to welcome him. This has shown that neither Jonathan or PDP is interested in stamping out corruption in this country. It is clear now that only the citizens of this country can free themselves from the shackles of corruption and under-development. Tell everybody you know to do whatever they can legitimately to frustrate this shameless display of insensitivity. Educate people in your neighbourhood that this is wrong and must not be allowed to pass. The message this vipers hate sending to the youths of this country is that corruption pays and it is ok to steal public funds and abuse position of trust. We cannot let this message be  passed without doing what we can to show that it is wrong. God Bless Nigeria.

Basically, the live broadcast of his release from prison to church for the thanksgiving was shown on LTV 8 and AIT.

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